Video Q&A with Megan Greevy of Feeding Pennsylvania

We recently had the opportunity to Skype with Megan Greevy, MS, RD, LDN, of Feeding Pennsylvania, a partnership formed among Pennsylvania’s Feeding America member food banks. Its mission is to help its members to secure food and other resources to reduce hunger and food insecurity for communities across Pennsylvania, and it provides a shared voice on the issues of hunger and food access within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Even under the best economic circumstances, 1 out of every 7 Pennsylvanians faces food insecurity, which means they may not be sure where their next meal will come from. And the moments we’re currently experiencing are very far from the best circumstances, with friends and neighbors across the state, country and world, closing businesses, losing work and facing layoffs. The number of people who count on food banks is going to spike, and we wanted to hear from Greevy, both about what resources are out there for anyone who needs emergency food assistance, as well as about what people who are currently secure can do to help pitch in. She shared some really helpful info in this video session, which we hope is a resource for anyone in need.

Check out our video Q&A to learn more. To find a local food bank in your community, visit or

  • Feature photo: Raw Pixel