How to Make Ham, Egg & Cheese Cups

Edible vessels — we love them. To be presented with a tidy little package is such a treat, whether that’s a waffle bowl filled with an ice cream sundae or a canapé in a crispy phyllo shell. It’s pretty rare to find this sort of thing at breakfast, a meal often consisting of slightly messier foods, delicious though they may be. But this recipe from the American Dairy Association North East is so clever in its construction, forming little breakfast cups out of sliced ham which are filled with a mini slice of bread, whisked PA eggs, a sprinkle of local cheddar and a healthy grind of black pepper.

A snap to make, these ham, egg and cheese cups look so impressive on a platter, each one its own perfect bite of savory, gooey comfort food. Try them for your next brunch gathering or tailgating party!

Check out our video for the technique and then find the full recipe for ham, egg and cheese cups here!