How to Make Mac & Cheese That’s Actually Good for You

Looking to lighten things up a bit? We hear ya. But just because you’re trying to make healthier dietary choices doesn’t mean you’re stuck eating salad for dinner every night of the week! Thanks to the nutritionist team at Main Line Health, one of our all-time favorite comfort-food dishes has gotten a nutritious makeover that’s sure to satisfy, without putting you into a food daze.

This isn’t just a matter of swapping out full-fat cheese in favor of the reduced-fat kind. This hearty, baked mac includes a creamy base made with sweet potatoes, almonds, herbs and Greek yogurt that adds layers of flavor and a serious dose of protein, vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat pasta adds extra fiber, and adobo sauce lends just enough of a kick to keep things interesting. Of course, it also includes cheeses, both sharp cheddar and Parmesan (try a PA brand, if possible!), because healthy doesn’t have to mean austere.

Find the full recipe on Main Line Health’s blog. Enjoy!