Pennsylvania Kitchen: How to Make Humankind Jasmine Lime Frozen Teagaritas

It doesn’t feel like an everyday occurrence to greet your guests with icy cold frozen margaritas, but it can be! This awesome recipe is one to add to your “host-with-the-most” playbook, and you don’t even need one of those silly margarita machines to pull it off. All this recipe requires is a regular blender, some ice cubes, tequila (of course), triple sec, fresh lime juice and a bottle of Humankind Organic Jasmine Lime Green Tea.

Because these aren’t your average margaritas — these are what we fancy calling “teagaritas,” made with a delicious, floral, tangy iced tea. And Humankind isn’t an average beverage company. This Lancaster, PA-based company is driven by its mission to help provide clean drinking water to communities all over the world. For every bottle of its spring water and organic drinks it sells, like organic strawberry lemonade, organic peach tea and the jasmine green tea used in this recipe, Humankind donates funds to projects across the globe. So far, with the help of its dedicated customers and fans, Humankind has made a big impact, providing 205,000 people (and counting!) with access to clean, safe drinking water. Now that’s something we can raise a glass to.

Watch our video to learn the technique for Jasmine Lime Frozen Teagaritas, then head here for the full recipe!