Watch What Happens When Irish People Try Pennsylvania Dutch Food

It’s not an uncommon experience, to share a regionally specific dish with a friend and watch their brow furrow a bit before digging in. On the Facts YouTube channel, there is video after video of this exact thing happening, but because the folks on camera don’t need to hold back their opinions or worry about politeness. Facts is a media company based in Ireland, so most of their videos feature Irish folks trying cuisine from other parts of the world and giving their raw and honest feedback. The results, as you may have guessed, are wildly entertaining.

In most of the videos, the taste testers love some of the things put in front of them and revolt at others. It’s interesting to see which foods they are drawn to, and the comparisons they make to things they’re more familiar with. When trying traditional PA Dutch foods, there is a lot of skepticism about some of the plates, like chicken pot pie and ham and apple dumplings, but most of the folks are won over in the end. Highlights include a tester referring to the taste of scrapple as “just, like general meat,” and another referring to the “dark, curious” texture. Watch to see more of their reactions to the foods we know and love here in PA!

  • Video: Facts
  • Feature photo: Bigstock