How to Make a PA Birch Beer Cocktail

Sweet, spicy and complex, Pennsylvania birch beer has all the makings of a great cocktail mixer. Its earthy, herbaceous qualities, which come from the bark and roots it’s made with, harmonize well with spirits, letting their flavor shine through, while also softening some of the heat of the alcohol.

Whiskey, rum and vodka would all be great choices, but we like how this simple, three-ingredient cocktail, Queen Bee Mixology uses Hendricks Gin, a quirky variety of gin that’s floral and fresh, thanks to the addition of Bulgarian rose and cucumber to the usual juniper berry flavor profile. A squeeze of lemon brightens the cocktail up with a hit of acid, helping to keep the drink in balance. Try using a local brand of birch beer — we like Appalachian Brewing Company‘s craft birch beer — instead of mass-produced brands for the best flavor!

Are there cocktails you like to make using Pennsylvania birch beer? Let us know!