How to Make a Festive Brie Wreath with Pennsylvania Cheese

We love a locally sourced cheese board as much as anyone (probably more, to be honest). But another impressive cheese-themed appetizer has our hearts this holiday season: a gooey, melty brie wreath, complimented with cranberry onion jam and and studded with walnuts. Rich and delicious, with an undeniably festive look, it hits the perfect party note! A dramatic centerpiece to your snack table or starter spread, this wreath might look like it took all day to make, but it actually clocks in at just 15 minutes of prep time!

brie wreath


This is no time to grab a wheel of sticky, flavorless brie cheese from the supermarket. Spring for a small wheel or wedge of quality, Pennsylvania-made cheese to experience the dish in all of its creamy, luscious glory. We love Noble Road from Calkins Creamery in Honesdale, PA, a fudgy, soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese, naturally ripened with white blooms. Hummingbird, a fresh, bloomy-rinded cheese from The Farm at Doe Run in Chester County is a bit more delicate, but has enough body and flavor to pair beautifully with the sharpness of the cranberry and the richness of the golden puff pastry. Cloud Nine, a French-style, surface-ripened goat’s milk cheese from Yellow Springs Farm in Chester Springs, PA would also be amazing! Finish the bubbling hot brie wreath with a drizzle of Pennsylvania honey from Swarmbustin’ Honey (West Grove, PA), Bedillion Honey Farm (Hickory, PA), Pittsburgh Honey (Pittsburgh, PA), or your favorite local beekeeper.

Check out the video for the technique, then find the full recipe at Savor Recipes!