How to Make PA Mushroom Queso Fundido

Something about a big batch of gooey melted cheese seems to signify party time, right? Think: fondue, raclette, pizza … apparently, when humans want to cut loose with friends and family, they want to do it with plenty of dairy on deck! Queso fundido (sometimes called queso flameado) is a Mexican dish, meant to be shared with others — a big melty, stretchy bowl or skillet of cheese with a pile of chips for dipping.

Traditional queso fundido consists of chorizo and cheese, but we wanted to make a vegetarian-friendly version that also incorporated some of Pennsylvania’s most famous exports: mushrooms. As you are almost surely well aware, Kennett Square in Chester County is the “Mushroom Capital of the World,” responsible for the farming of nearly half of the total mushrooms grown in the United States. We love savory, meaty baby bella PA mushrooms for this recipe, though button mushrooms would work great, as well. Keep it local with shredded cheddar or Jack cheese from a Pennsylvania dairy or cheese maker, like Calkins Creamery in Honesdale, or Clover Creek in Williamsburg.

The best part? This delicious, decadent dish comes together in just a few minutes! Serve it alongside other Mexican-inspired dishes, or as part of an appetizer spread at your next gathering.

Watch our video for the technique, then head here to find the full recipe!