3 No-Fail Slaws Made with PA Veggies

On the hook to bring a dish to an upcoming picnic, party or potluck? No need to overthink it with a complicated recipe that will require a special trip to the market and then fill the sink with pots and pans: Crowd-pleasing veggie slaws are the heroes here, packed to the brim with PA produce and full of fresh flavor and crunchy textures that will keep kids and adults, alike, coming back for second helpings. Slaws also make great make-ahead lunches for the week, because they’re usually made of sturdy vegetables. Instead of wilting or getting soggy over the course of a few days, they actually marinate and get even better with time!

While classic cabbage coleslaw has a special place in our hearts, there are so many ways to put a seasonal, personal spin on the dish. Carrots with purple cabbage and herbs is a colorful party-in-a-bowl, and broccoli and kale, studded with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds, is a combination loaded with nutrition and tasty, to boot. And, if you just can’t consider slaw without green cabbage, try this version with a trio of seeds — sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds — for little pops of toasty, nutty flavor throughout.

Check out this video we made for PA Veggies, and let us know which one you’re most excited to try first!