How to Make Pennsylvania Beef Chili, a True One-Pot Wonder

One-pot meals are the superheroes of weeknight dinners. First of all, “one pot” means less dishes in the sink, and no one is complaining about that. “One-pot” also usually means a straightforward, comforting and crowd-pleasing type of dish — you know, the sort that has the kids shouting, “YES!” as you bring the Dutch oven out to the table.

For this classic, comforting beef chili recipe, we start with ground Pennsylvania beef, both wholesome and nutritious. After adding in a few pantry staples, this savory stew just needs about half an hour to simmer until done. Some chili recipes call for hours and hours of simmering to “meld” all the flavors, and that may be all well and good on a lazy weekend afternoon. But on a work/school night, when everyone is hungry and you want to get something easy, healthy and delicious on the table in under an hour, this is the way to go. Top with shredded Pennsylvania cheddar cheese and sour cream, and dinner is served!

Bonus: Save some chili for lunch the next day! Chili is one of those magical foods that’s even better when enjoyed as leftovers.

Find our recipe for classic Pennsylvania beef chili here!