Pennsylvania Kitchen: Tim Mountz and Ryan Bloome’s PA Baked Brie

We’ll be real with you: There are some food words we don’t love to use. And one of those words is “sexy.” While there is certainly a connection between the pleasures of food and other types of pleasure, it just seems like a bit of a shortcut to use it as an adjective for food that has alluring properties.

That said, this baked brie is sexy as hell. Wrapped in supple, buttery pie dough, golden right out of the oven, and melded with sweet/savory tomato jam, it oozes in the most decadent of ways, making anything it touches instantly more glamorous. It’s a grown-up dish, rich and powerful and deep. It’s okay if your eyes pop out of your head a little.

This awesome recipe came to us from Chef Ryan Bloome. Making the most of the amazing products available in Kennett Square, Bloome picked up a round of local pie dough from Nomadic Pies and cheese from Talula’s Table. To add a little extra pizzazz. he added a generous amount of Heirloom Tomato Jam from his friend Tim Mountz (also a Pennsylvania Kitchen studio guest) of Happy Cat Farm. This small batch jam, which is basically cheese’s best friend, is made with an average of 40 varietals of tomatoes grown at the farm, sweetened with a hint of organic white grape juice, and then cooked down and spiced with cloves, cardamon and allspice. We think it dresses up the brie to a T, adding a sweet, acidic pop that keeps the whole thing in balance.

Watch our video for the technique, then head here to check out the full recipe!