PA Farm Show Pennsylvania Pairings: Lamb Sliders with PA Porter

In this video, learn how to make PA lamb sliders packed with feta cheese and fresh herbs and topped with tangy red cabbage slaw and tzatziki sauce. As a source for locally raised ground lamb, consider Jamison Farm in Latrobe, PA or Baytree Farm in Emlenton, PA (see here for our guide on how to buy PA meat from home). For feta-style cheese, we love the Creamery at Penn State’s Feta Cheese and Emerald Valley ArtisansMediterranean-style cow’s milk feta. Pair these sliders with a glass of locally brewed Porter, a dark, malty, hoppy style of beer that plays with lamb’s savory qualities beautifully. Try 412 Brewery Joey Porter or Yards Brewing Washington’s Porter.

After you check out the video instructions, get the full recipe on the PA Farm Show blog!