Your New Favorite Sandwich: the Philly Pretzel Reuben

How do you like your Philly pretzel? With mustard, cheese or sweetened up with cinnamon sugar? However wild you’ve gotten with condiments and toppings, we’ll bet you’ve never seen this most iconic of PA carbs quite like this! We took a Philly pretzel, sliced it in half and swapped it in for bread in a classic reuben sandwich. Please, hold your applause.

The squishy, dense crumb of a pretzel is actually an ideal vessel for a messy sandwich like a loaded reuben: Its structure can hold up to the mountain of filling, and its subtle sweetness is a nice foil to all of the savory components. The key to success is to source all of your ingredients locally: freshly-baked pretzels from close to home, corned beef and cheese from your favorite deli, and PA-made sauerkraut (perhaps from your own DIY kitchen project?) help to elevate this sandwich from “pretty awesome” to “totally mind-blowing.”

Watch our video for the technique, then check out the full recipe to try making this epic sandwich at home.