How to Make Seared Duck Breast with Pomegranate Reduction

You probably know Bell & Evans for its high-quality chicken — after all, it is the oldest branded chicken company in the country! Based in Fredericksburg, PA, this family-owned business, helmed by the Sechler family, is uncompromising in its values: Its animals are raised humanely without antibiotics, and the meat is air-chilled and Pennsylvania Certified Organic. All of its products, from whole birds to chicken nuggets, are the freshest, tastiest around.

But did you know that Bell & Evans also offers other poultry? Turkey, cornish hen and duck are part of its product line, and these products adhere to the same exacting standards as its chicken. Perhaps you’ve seen duck breasts in the market before but feel uncertain about what to do with them. We’ve got a secret to share: Cooking restaurant-quality seared duck breast is no harder than preparing chicken, or any other cut of meat really. Our video recipe outlines a simple technique for scoring the duck breast (this allows excess fat to render out of the skin), getting the perfect sear and making a wonderful pomegranate sauce. A simple side of Brussels sprouts balances the dish perfectly! This is a lovely — and surprisingly easy — main dish to serve at a holiday meal, a dinner party or a stay-in date night.

Watch the video, then head to the Bell & Evans website for the full recipe!