Celebrate PA Beef Month: 2 Delicious Recipes Using Shredded Beef

May is PA Beef Month! We’ll be celebrating alongside our supporter, the Pennsylvania Beef Council, with fresh, creative recipes and inspiration for how to cook local beef at home. Here, we’ve got two ways to use shredded beef, which is an economic, crowd-pleasing and versatile option for everyday dinners or special gatherings. This technique starts with a beef shoulder clod arm boneless roast, a large cut that comes from the shoulder of the steer.

This roast has a fair amount of connective tissue, making it a perfect candidate for slow cooking. After seasoning and searing the beef, it gets a nice long braise to achieve that wonderful, fall-apart tender texture. After fork-shredding the cooked meat, you’re ready to make either tangy BBQ beef sandwiches, or spicy chipotle tacos. Any leftover shredded beef can be frozen for future meals — just ladle over a bit of the reserved cooking liquid to prevent the meat from drying out.

What are your favorite ways to cook with PA Beef? Let us know in the comments, or chime in on the PA Eats Facebook page!

  • Video and photo: Dish Works for PA Beef Council