Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Spaghetti Carbonara with Reuben Dhanawade

Spaghetti carbonara might just be the ultimate pantry staple dish: With just a few ingredients (most of which we’ll bet you have on hand), you can make a nourishing, comforting meal. In this installment of Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home, you can get simple step-by-step instructions from chef Reuben Dhanawade, who just launched his own YouTube cooking channel, Penne for Your Thoughts.

“I started the channel to just keep myself busy,” he says. “It was born out of mental necessity … I really just made it for fun!”

His easygoing, conversational manner illustrates Dhanawade’s love for food and his sense of humor. Currently based just over the state line in Delaware, he currently works with Aramark as a sous chef at Rodney Fresh Food Company at the University of Delaware. From 2017 to 2019, Dhanawade worked in Philadelphia as Executive Chef at Drexel University, and he staged with George Sabatino at Aldine. We’re excited that he’s taken his talents to YouTube, and can’t wait to see more of his at-home cooking tutorials!

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  • Video: Reuben Dhanawade