Kitchen Tips: 5 Ways to Use Avocados (Besides Avocado Toast)

Whether it’s slathered on toast, added to a BLT or smashed in guacamole, avocado has an extra special place in our hearts, even if we have to pay extra for it. It’s added to all sorts of dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture, but it also has super-high nutrient values, including 20 different vitamins and minerals. In a single serving, you’ll find folate, more potassium than a banana, and vitamins B5, B6, E, C and K.

Ways to use avocado

Susannah Greenwood of Sip-N-Glo in Philly is a true avocado-obsessive. She says, “Given the opportunity I would put avocado on just about anything. My personal favorite way to eat it, however, is right out of the peel. I’ll cut one in half, sprinkle some salt, pepper and a little drizzle of olive oil over it. I’m set with a delicious snack full of healthy fats to keep me moving throughout the day, and no clean up.”

Why wouldn’t you add avocados to everything you possibly can? There are so many ways to work it into dishes besides avocado toast! Check out our five favorite ways to use avocados:

Creamy Chocolate Mousse

Get inspired by this easy yet indulgent one-bowl chocolate mousse from Sprouts Farmers Market. By combining avocados, cocoa powder and a few other pantry items, you’ll want to make this recipe again and again. Don’t forget to top the decadent dessert with fresh berries and crunchy walnuts!


Just like spinach, avocados are pretty easy to work into a smoothie to dial up the nutrition factor. Simply combine half of a ripe avocado with a frozen banana and one cup of almond milk. You can doctor it up like you would any smoothie with frozen fruit, spinach, chia seeds, protein powder, etc. The avocado will make your smoothie super creamy and luscious. Pro-tip: If you have a bunch of ripe avocados at the same time, pit them, smash them up and freeze them in an ice cube tray to add to future smoothies. For more smoothie-making hacks, check out our smoothie Kitchen Tips post.


Give your cocktails a healthy kick by adding a serving of sweet avocado. This cocktail is sure to please all with its blend of Sauza® Signature Blue Silver 100% agave tequila, limeade, triple sec and avocado. Refreshing, zesty and healthy, all at the same time, this cocktail just made your summer-sipping options a whole lot better.

Chia Seed Pudding

Start your chia pudding journey with this big ombre avocado and chia pudding jar from holistic lifestyle and food blogger, Lee Tilghman. This recipe is a great post-workout refuel or pre-fuel for a long day filled with adventure. The bottom layer is coconut yogurt mixed with chia seeds; the middle layer is spinach avocado banana pudding; and the top layer is spirulina avocado banana pudding. And those chunks on top? Those are raw peanut butter “cookie dough.”

Face Mask

Go beyond the kitchen: Not only are avocados beneficial to your belly, they can also be used to beautify your face. A homemade avocado mask is very hydrating and helps to restore a youthful glow to your skin. It can also kill acne-causing bacteria while providing essential nutrients. And it’s easy enough: combine mashed avocado, kefir, honey and olive oil. Then apply the mixture to your face for 20–30 minutes for noticeably brighter skin.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy avocado?

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