Pennsylvania Foodie Podcasts, Round 2

A few years ago, we published a roundup of food-related podcasts based here in PA. Since then, the podcasting landscape has continued to grow at a rapid clip; it’s clear that this digital audio platform isn’t going anywhere! In fact, the range and number of shows have only seemed to skyrocket — it seems like every celeb hosts a podcast, and that no matter your hobby, interest or passion, there is a podcast out there about it.

As our passion is Pennsylvania food-and-beverage, we’re always on the lookout for podcasts covering these topics. So many PA food and drink podcasts have come onto the scene since our last post, it’s time for a Round 2 post to share them all!

Explore our list to find your new favorite PA foodie podcast to enjoy on your commute, on long walks or whenever the mood strikes:


Brown Bag Wine

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Wine fans, listen up: This fun podcast, founded by a trio of Philly beverage professionals, promotes “non-pretentious wine culture” with lots of laughter along the way. During each episode, the hosts Abbie, Laura and Katie, each bring a bottle of wine in a paper bag, and all three blind taste and discuss the offerings. Listen here.


The CHEF Radio Podcast

Hosted by Eli Kulp, former chef of Fork restaurant, each episode of The CHEF Radio podcast is a one-on-one conversation between Kulp and another lauded chef. Past guests have included Philly folks, like Joe Beddia of Pizzeria Beddia and Kiki Aranita of Poi Dog Sauces, as well as chefs from around the county, like Ashleigh Shanti of Good Hot Fish in Asheville, NC and Amanda Cohen of NYC’s Dirt Candy. In these chats, the chefs often go deep, exploring topics like leadership, work-life balance and life lessons learned in the kitchen. Listen here.


Delicious City Philly

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Delicious City Philly is another podcast helmed by Eli Kulp, this time alongside two other hosts: David Wesolowski of Feeding Time TV and Marisa Magnatta. The three discuss their restaurant adventures and eating experiences in and around Philadelphia, and often welcome guests from the local hospitality community in to the studio. New episodes drop about twice each month. Listen here.


Drinking Partners

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Day Bracey and Ed Bailey are two Pittsburgh-based comedians and drinks enthusiasts (you may recognize Bracey as the Barrel & Flow Fest founder/organizer). Their podcast, Drinking Partners, covers local and national craft beer, and welcomes guests, many of whom are Black entrepreneurs, artists and makers. They’ve also hosted events around Pittsburgh, and, more recently, starred in Ed and Day in the ‘Burgh a streaming show on Very Local, where the pair explore the city and shares the local businesses they discover. Note: While Drinking Partners hasn’t posted a new episode since summer of 2023, it’s still worth going back to enjoy previous episodes. Listen here.


Fermented Adventures

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If it’s fermented, Fermented Adventures wants to know more about it. This podcast, based in the Philly ‘burbs but covering the entire US, is co-hosed by Dawn Ranieri and Rich Shane, two fermentation enthusiasts. During each episode, they engage with different creators of beer, cider, spirits, mead and other fermented products, like Don Shump of Philadelphia Bee Co. and Adhel Martinez⁠ of ⁠Gin de Las Californias⁠. Listen here.


The Food Dignity Podcast

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Food Dignity is a movement rooted in the belief that everyone should have the right to healthy food at all times, and is dedicated to removing the barriers associated with healthy food access. This organization fighting food insecurity and social reform is based Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, runs the 570 Food Rescue, and offers educational tools and resources to individuals and strategic partners. One of these resources is the Food Dignity Podcast, hosted by Food Dignity’s founder and TEDx speaker, Clancy Harrison. The bite-sized episodes (most clock in under 10 minutes) tackle big issues, like “White Spaces and Food Racism” and “College Students Deserve to Have Their Basic Needs Met” with expert guests furthering the nuanced conversations. Listen here.


The Food Griot’s Foodizen Podcast

The Food Griot is Tonya Hopkins, a food historian, TV host, culinary consultant, wine educator and much more (check her out — she’s amazing!). Though she is Brooklyn-based, she developed a mini podcast series, The Foodizen Podcast, for The Philadelphia Citizen, a nonprofit, non-partisan media organization. These handful of episodes tell stories of American food history from a Black perspective, like an exploration of how Black Philadelphians created the American ice cream industry. Listen here.


The Food Podcast

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This is the podcast by the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, which works with a network of more than 1,000+ partners across 11 counties. The Food Podcast, which is sponsored by Clearview Federal Credit Union, spreads awareness about hunger on local and national levels, and spotlights various wellness and nutrition initiatives and programs. The podcast was most active in 2022, but we think there’s still a lot of value in revisiting back episodes centered on important topics like, “Why is the Black community experiencing higher rates of food insecurity in the Pittsburgh region?” and “How is domestic violence tied to food insecurity?” Listen here.


Seen Through a Glass

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Seen Through a Glass is a podcast about food and beverage in Central Pennsylvania, and is hosted by author and whiskey expert, Lew Bryson. Most episodes are organized around a theme, like “soup season” or “Italian delis” and include visits to Central PA towns and communities to explore the topic. Bryson frequently interviews experts or welcomes guests like farmers and brewers to his podcast to further investigate the theme. He also includes a reoccurring segment called “What I’m Drinking Today,” where he reviews various beverages. Listen here.


Shelf Confidence

Shelf Confidence is a bit more niche of a podcast, but, if you like to nerd out on consumer packaged goods, food retail or food industry trends, it might be of interest! This is a podcast by the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association that’s about new and innovative initiatives in food and beverage retail. Episode topics range from artificial intelligence to food waste solutions to spotlights of PA-based brands, like Sheetz and Seltzer’s Smokehouse Meats. Listen here.


Small Bites Radio

Hosted by Philly-based foodies Donato Marino and Derek Timm of Blue Jean Food, Small Bites Radio covers all things food, beverage, hospitality and travel. They interview food folks ranging from old school BBQ pitmasters to influencer chefs with huge social media followings. Listen here.

What are your favorite PA-based food and beverage podcasts? Let us know!

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