How to Pair Caramel with Pennsylvania Foods

A swipe or scoop of caramel adds instant glamour to pretty much any food it touches. Its burnished gold color, luxurious texture and inherent decadence make it the food equivalent of a kimono or a silk scarf. Once we developed our perfect caramel dip sauce, we started wondering: What kinds of foods pair best with caramel?

We raided the pantry and came up with some incredible pairings, from the classics to the unexpected. And, because we’re all about local love, we chose PA foods: we’re talking Herr’s chips (the salt and vinegar flavor was a total winner, strange as it may sound), Snyder’s pretzels, PA cheddar cheese, local dried fruit, cookie dough (seems like every town has its own edible cookie dough shop these days!), locally grown apples and PA ice cream!

What’s your favorite way to use homemade caramel sauce? Let us know!