Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Chemex Coffee Tutorial with Isabel Soto of Ox Coffee

One of the rituals we really miss during our new stay-at-home-all-the-time routine is going to our local coffee shop. The quiet focus of people working, the friendly chat of people hanging out, the busy hum of the big coffee grinders, and the hiss of the steam wand on the espresso machine … it’s just such a nice scene to walk into and experience. Plus, there are so many more types of drinks you can order from a coffee shop, and the baristas are so skilled, they make each one to perfection. But now, we’re at home, making our own coffee, day after day.

Are you feeling that same sense of loss over this seemingly small but actually quite important part of your day? Well, if you’ve got some local coffee beans on hand (ordered online, maybe), we’ve got a helpful Chemex tutorial from Isabel Soto, the Director of Education at Ox Coffee in Philadelphia. Ox, which recently started selling its delicious coffee online, is a brand that’s highly focused on education, but always in an enthusiastic, non-snobby way! Isabel, who’s been working in specialty coffee for five years, says of sharing her love and knowledge of coffee, “I love teaching people how to taste coffee, and why the specific coffee tastes the way it does. Having these things click in people’s minds is magic.”

If you’ve got a Chemex brewer, or any kind of pour-over coffee system, maybe collecting dust in a cabinet somewhere, now is the time to give it a good wash, and learn to make barista-quality coffee yourself!


  • Video: Isabel Soto of Ox Coffee