PA Farm Show Pennsylvania Pairings: Honey Oat Meringues and Locally Roasted Coffee

Meringues might sound like the kind of confection best left to the contestants on The Great British Baking Show, but you can definitely make them at home! The trick is to whip up local egg whites until they are light, fluffy and glossy, and then bake the cloud-like cookies for a long time at a low temp. This clever recipe from the PA Farm Show incorporates toasted whole PA oats for a lovely, chewy texture and a little bit of nutritional value. Before baking, these pretty puffs also get a drizzle of local honey for an extra hit of gentle sweetness.

This video is part of the Farm Show’s Pennsylvania Pairings series, and in this case, the pairing suggestion is locally roasted coffee. The pleasant bitterness of coffee beautifully offsets the sweetness of the meringues. No matter where you live in PA, there is a local coffee roaster nearby! To find out how to buy Pennsylvania coffee from home, head here.

Watch the video for the technique step-by-step, then go to the PA Farm Show’s blog to find the full recipe!