Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Juicing with Maria Campbell and her son Jaden

Being in quarantine with kids can be tough; did you know they have a lot of energy? This fact doesn’t always match so well with being stuck indoors (further proof that teachers are superheroes). Inviting children into the kitchen is one way to include them in the now-constant activity of preparing meals and snacks, and even small tasks can help them feel they’re contributing to the family. Not all cooking chores are appropriate for kids depending on their ages and skill levels, but one task that even little ones can help with is making fresh juice!

Chef-by-trade and leadership coach Maria Campbell shared this fun juicing how-to video which she made with her first-grader son Jaden as part of our new Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home series. Whether you juice on the regular, or your juicer is buried in a box in the basement, now is a great time to fire it up and get your family involved! Kids are much more likely to try fruit and vegetable juice that they’ve helped to make, and it’s a perfect way to add a dose of nutrition to everyone’s day, especially if you’ve got picky eaters to contend with.

Campbell, who lives in Delaware County with her husband Scott and Jaden, has over 10 years of experience lecturing in culinary education at AIPH and The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. As a partner at One Degree Coaching in Philadelphia, her strengths in idea conjuring, effective collaboration, networking, online engagement and team building help other businesses increase workplace productivity and cultivate highly functional teams.

She is also the founder of a Philly-based professional community, Cooks Who Care, a social impact organization that supports the well-being of people working in all facets of the food and beverage industry. Through video storytelling, pop-up events, collaborations, resource sharing, advocacy, and so much more, CWC is dedicated to supporting employers and employees as they work to prioritize physical, mental and financial health, both on and off the job. The living library of resources that Campbell has created around coronavirus’ impact on the restaurant community is just the most recent example of her tireless desire to support and uphold the local hospitality community. To learn more, follow Maria Campbell (@chefmcampbell) and Cooks Who Care (@cookswhocare) on Instagram.

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