The Best Leftovers Hack: Loaded Thanksgiving Nachos

No matter how much you love turkey and cranberry sandwiches, there comes a time soon after Thanksgiving where you need more ideas for how to use up those leftovers. After all, you can’t let that delicious, expertly brined heritage turkey and those perfect mashed potatoes go to waste!

The kitchen pros at Savor Recipes devised a genius way to make the most of your fridge full of leftovers that we are so excited to try this year: Loaded Leftover Thanksgiving Nachos! Food genre hybrids can sometimes yield confusing results (think sushi burritos and dessert pizza), but this is one mash-up that we’re 100% behind. Layers of crunchy tortilla chips are topped with dollops of mashed potatoes, shredded turkey, grated cheddar and roasted veggies, then crowned with jalapeno peppers, cranberry sauce, sour cream and a drizzle of gravy. It’s a truly epic appetizer to serve a few days after the holidays, when everyone is craving those flavors again. We suggest pairing it with a football game and a few pints of PA craft beer or family game night, for maximum cozy, long-weekend feels.

After checking out the video, head to Savor Recipes for the full recipe!