Pennsylvania Kitchen: How to Make a Tee Time Cocktail

We’re big fans of the weekend late-afternoon cocktail — you know, something simple and light, without too much booze, to help us cool off after a day of yard work, recover from a morning of kids’ birthday parties, or to say cheers with friends after a sun-drenched game of golf (or mini-golf, we don’t judge). Leave it to the experts at PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits to offer up the ideal drink to fit the bill: the Tee Time.

This is grown-up twist on the Arnold Palmer (iced tea plus lemonade), a non-alcoholic cooler supposedly invented in the 1950s by the pro golfer of the same name, and if there is a more restorative, thirst-quenching cocktail, we haven’t found it! The drink starts with Faber Vodka, an easy-drinking craft spirit made by Theobald and Oppenheimer, a distillery in Bucks County, PA. A splash of iced tea — you can use any kind you like, but we’re big fans of Pennsylvania Breakfast black tea from Berks County-based Akron House Tea — a touch of sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice is all you need! If you’re hosting friends, batch up a bunch in a pitcher for maximum refreshment with minimal work!

Check out our video for the technique, then check out the full recipe here!