Pennsylvania Kitchen: How to Make Humankind Herbal Fruit Lemonade Ice Cubes

File this one under “clever kitchen hacks”! In just five minute’s time, you can make flavorful, elegant ice cubes from organic lemonade studded with local fruit and herbs. As they melt into whatever you’re drinking — we love them with ice tea for some Arnold Palmer vibes — they infuse the beverage with extra sweetness and flavor, instead of watering it down like regular ice cubes do!

This technique comes to us from Humankind Beverages, a Lancaster, PA-based company that makes organic iced teas and lemonades, as well as pure spring water. Not only are Humankind’s products delicious, but its mission is amazing: For every bottle of Humankind you buy, you’re supporting its mission to bring clean drinking water to communities all over the world! It’s hard to remember, sometimes, as we pour water from our taps or through a filter in the fridge, that nearly one billion people on our planet lack access to clean water. That means 1 in 7 people! And a lack of clean water kills more than all forms of violence in the world, including war. Humankind is directly addressing this crisis by partnering with projects all over the world, and since the company started, it’s been able to provide clean drinking water to over 120,000 people!

Check out our video to see how to make the lemonade ice cubes, and then head here to find the recipe. Don’t forget to pick up some Humankind Organic Lemonade so your refreshing drink can also do good in the world!