Pennsylvania Apple and Cream Cheese Galette With Black Pepper Honey

A galette is a relaxed baker’s greatest weapon, like a totally chilled-out version of a pie. Its hand-shaped, rustic edges are the antithesis of the formal, basket-weave tops of traditional pies, and the filling can go sweet, savory or, in this case, a delightful combination of both!

This Pennsylvania apple galette falls squarely in the “dessert” category, but downplays the over-the-top sweetness of many baked goods with its sophisticated combination of rich cream cheese, fresh thyme, spicy black pepper and tart local green apples. Combined, the flavors meld into an elegant combo that tastes familiar and somehow completely new, all at the same time. Give this recipe a try the next time you’re entertaining and want to serve a homemade sweet at the end of the meal without a ton of extra work.

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