Pennsylvania Food Taste Test

We know that Pennsylvania’s food is awesome. But, just like any regional delicacies, we understand that a lot of what we grew up eating and drinking here is foreign to people from other places. That’s what makes this Movoto video of West Coast natives trying PA foods so entertaining. Duos of funny, chatty folks taste their way through five iconic PA foods, like birch beer and ham pot pie, with plenty of Amish jokes and skepticism-turned-enthusiasm to go around. Highlights include someone calling Yuengling the “PBR of Pennsylvania” (they’re not wrong) and saying that whoopie pies are like sandwiches made with the top parts of cupcakes (also not wrong).

Watching someone try something for the first time — something that you’re so familiar with — is bizarrely enjoyable and serves as a good reminder that keeping an open mind about new-to-you foods can have some excellent outcomes. After all, had you never encountered it, it would be pretty easy to judge scrapple by its less-than-glamorous appearance. But just think of what you’d miss out on!

What PA foods have you introduced to friends from other places? If you're a transplant to the state, what foods seemed strange to you at first?
Let us know!