PA Farm Show Pennsylvania Pairings: Sweet Potato Salad and Kombucha

Kombucha — the fizzy fermented tea —may not seem like the easiest beverage to pair. It can be funky, tart to the point of sour, and it comes in all sorts of fruit and herb-infused flavors. But there is a foolproof pairing for this healthy sipper: roasted veggies. The sweet earthiness of the veg (in this case, local PA sweet potatoes) plays nicely with the booch for a very pleasant culinary experience!

This hearty salad, as featured in the PA Farm Show‘s Pennsylvania Pairings series, combines locally grown kale, barley, sweet potatoes and feta with a kombucha vinaigrette for a delicious vegetarian side or main dish. Looking for PA kombucha? Our Pennsylvania Kombucha Trail lists dozens of local kombucha makers by region! A few of our favorites are Baba’s Brew (Phoenixville, PA), Counterpart Kombucha (Drums, PA) and Moody Culture (State College, PA).

Check out the video for instructions!