How to Make the Best Vegan, Gluten-Free Dessert with Soom Tahini

Gooey, chewy, sweet and satisfying: these aren’t the first adjectives that might jump into your head when you hear the words “vegan, gluten-free dessert.” Perhaps you’ve had some unfortunate encounters with weird, dry GF cookies or chalky dairy-free ice cream. Or maybe you’re just wary that something can be a true treat even though it’s made without butter, milk, eggs or all-purpose flour. We’re happy to let you know that there actually are plenty of amazing desserts out there that don’t require any of those ingredients to hit the spot!

Case in point: these decadent, grown-up cereal treats, made with puffed rice, sweetened with maple syrup, and enriched with tahini from Soom Foods, a Philadelphia-based company owned by three sisters who wanted to bring the flavors and textures of the tahini they grew up with in Israel to the rest of the world. Soom’s tahini truly is the finest we’ve ever encountered. It boasts a mild, toasty flavor and a texture that defies logic. It’s just as versatile in savory applications as in sweet applications, and basically it improves anything it touches. Grab a jar at your local fine foods market and try out this clever recipe! It’ll be a hit at any gathering where folks with dietary restrictions will be; lay out a tray, and watch these treats disappear.

Check out the technique in our video, then head here for the full recipe!