How to Make the Best Chocolate Oat No-Bake Bars

One of our favorite dessert trends of the past few years has been the resurgence of no-bake treats: energy balls, cake pops, cheesecakes and so on. But our favorite no-bake sweet is the no-bake bar; there’s just something so satisfying about a perfect, fudgy little square layered with chocolate and crunchy bits, plus we barely ever buy processed granola bars anymore.

Our version of no-bake bars walk the line between a snack and dessert, with heart-healthy rolled oats and sweetened butter creating the base, layers of peanut butter-enriched chocolate adding a decadent, rich touch. You can certainly use any type of chocolate here, but, as we’re all about using PA-made ingredients, we chose Wilbur Chocolate‘s Dark Cocoa Confectionery Wafers (manufactured in lovely Lititz), which have a nicely balanced, smooth flavor and melt like a dream.

Once you’ve got the recipe down, feel free to add in any other dried fruit or crunchy bits you like to the oat mix (pretzels or salted peanuts would be great), or swap almond, sunflower or cashew butter for the peanut butter. These no-bake bars are yours to customize!

Watch our video for the technique, then head here for the full recipe.