PA Farm Show Pennsylvania Pairings: Chicken Meatballs with Apple Butter and Wood-Aged Cider

In the local foods movement, there is a saying: “What grows together goes together.” And while this trusty axiom isn’t always true, more often than not, ingredients from the same geography, or terroir, do in fact make wonderful pairings.

Chicken and apples are both important agricultural industries in Pennsylvania, and the Farm Show’s recipe for Chicken Meatballs with Apple Butter Dipping Sauce gives them both a chance to shine. The tasty meatballs, which would make a great meal, appetizer or snack, are made with local ground chicken (try Bell & Evans or Freedom Acres) and PA-grown apples for the homemade apple butter. The dish is paired with wood-aged PA cider (for more on cider styles, head here), with the cozy barrel character and rich apple flavors sublimely playing off the apple butter. Looking for local cider made near you? We’ve got you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Hard Cider.

Check out the video for step-by-step instructions, then go to the Farm Show’s blog for the full recipe!