Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Homemade Pesto with Fidel Gastro and his Daughter Camila

It looks like Side Project Jerky owner Fidel Gastro (Marcos Espinoza) has been busy cooking during quarantine! For this mini-episode of Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home, he’s recruited the help of his daughter Camila to make homemade pesto. This simple, food processor-based recipe is a perfect example of how to cook with kids while everyone’s staying home together! Pesto pasta is a classic pantry meal, but it’s possible that jarred pesto might be sold out at your supermarket. To ensure that a tasty, simple meal is always just minutes away, pick up a few bunches of fresh basil, a package of pine nuts, some garlic and cheese and make homemade pesto instead!

Follow the easy steps outlined in this fun DIY video to make a nice batch of this savory, fragrant Italian sauce — feel free to use whatever kind of fresh basil you can find, or swap in a bit of fresh parsley or cilantro if that helps make the best use of what’s in your fridge. If you have enough ingredients on hand, consider making a double batch so you can have some for dinner tonight, and then freeze the rest for future meals. Pesto also makes a great spread for grilled cheese sandwiches, a topping for pizza, condiment for roasted potatoes or carrots or garnish for eggs or a frittata.

  • Video: Marcos Espinoza