How to Make a Stellar Mocktail Mixer: Pennsylvania Apple Shrub

Looking for a mocktail mixer with the perfect sweet/tart blend, made with local produce and products? You’ve got to try making a Pennsylvania apple shrub! It’s simple as can be, requiring just a few ingredients. Once blended with a splash of seltzer, this sparkly and refreshing drink is perfect for when you’re toasting a special occasion or just enjoying a cozy weeknight with loved ones.

Shrubs, sometimes called “drinking vinegars,” tone down the bite of vinegar with sweetness (fresh PA apple juice, in this case), for a complex, sophisticated flavor that will do wonders for your non-alcoholic cocktail game. Plus, drinking even just a little bit of apple cider vinegar (dubbed “ACV” in the wellness community) has proven health benefits, and sipping a shrub is a lot more enjoyable than downing a straight shot of the stuff. As far as kitchen DIY projects go, making a shrub is low-effort and practically no-mess. If you can make iced tea or lemonade, you can make a shrub!

Watch our video for the tutorial, then head here for the full PA Apple Shrub recipe!

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