How to Make a Pennsylvania Pretzel Cheese Ball

Time and time again, it’s been proven that Pennsylvanians are a snack-happy people; our devotion to potato chips (of which so many are manufactured in the state), our seemingly endless appetites for hot dogs and our passionate love affair with pretzels are just a few examples that come to mind. It begs a funny kind of “chicken/egg” philosophical question: Do we love snacks because so many great ones are made in PA? Or are so many made here because of our love of snacks?

Either way, the PA Eats kitchen wizards can’t get enough local snacks, and they’ve made it their mission to develop recipes that incorporate PA-proud sweet and salty treats in as many innovative ways as possible. Their latest creation takes a cue from the party dish that graced the table of many a 1970s soiree: the cheese ball. Don’t worry: We’re not asking you to make a neon-orange ball of goo! Instead, we suggest you mix up local cheeses with a ton of fresh herbs and then coat the cheese ball in a delightfully crunchy combination of toasted almonds and crushed Synder’s of Hanover pretzels. The result is a creative update on this retro classic, a surefire winner for your next dinner party or gathering!

Check out our video for the technique, then head here to find the full recipe!