Too Much Zucchini? Try These 3 Ways to Use Them Up

Zucchini might not always seem like the sexiest of the seasonal delights. When there are tomatoes, corn, peaches and cherries around, the humble summer squash often plays second fiddle to everything else. But to us, a truly fresh, Pennsylvania-grown zucchini is one of the most delightful types of produce. Not only is it nutritious, low in calories and carbs and full of fiber, vitamins and protein, but it’s so incredibly versatile. If a neighbor brings a few over from a backyard bumper crop, or zucchini are on sale at the farmers market, you’re suddenly well-positioned to make dishes for every meal of the day!

In this video from our friends at PA Veggies, zucchini enjoy three treatments: luscious (and secretly healthy) chocolate muffins; bright, lemon-y and light spiralized zucchini noodles with a sprinkle of Parmesan and fresh herbs; and pan-fried zucchini fritters, enriched with local eggs and topped with a dollop of sour cream — we love the stuff from BL Sour Cream in Pittsburgh and Kreider Farms in Lancaster. Each application shows off one of zucchini’s special attributes, like its ability to disappear into baked goods, its chameleon-like ability to turn into noodles, and its inherent sweetness and starchiness that makes it perfect for latke-esque veggie fritters. Pick up a few extra summer squash at the market this week and try out these techniques (find the recipes here on the PA veggies site). Let us know which is your favorite on the PA Eats Facebook page!