How to Turn Philly Pretzels Into Churros (with Spicy Chocolate Sauce)

A Philly soft pretzel in its own right is a great snack: chewy, salty, carb-y. Many of us have enjoyed them since we were kids, at baseball games and amusement parks, out in the city with our parents, or from the concession stands at bowling alleys and skating rinks. So, a classic soft pretzel is a taste of childhood, comforting and familiar, like other nostalgia-tinged foods, including hot dogs and deep dish pizza.

Even if a no-nonsense soft pretzel is still one of your favorites, we encourage you to see it in a new light: as the basis for other recipes and dishes. Essentially, pretzels are just a different form of bread, and a soft pretzel can be used in place of a roll for sandwiches like grilled cheese and deli-style reubens. Or, in this case, they can go to the sweet side.

Our creative kitchen team devised this clever, wildly tasty treat: Philly pretzel churros — no deep-fryer necessary! Simply start with pieces of fresh soft pretzels from your favorite local source, brush them with melted butter and toss them generously in a cinnamon sugar mix. We could stop there and this would be a great dish, but why not take it further with a homemade spicy chocolate sauce? It’s a no-brainer: Heat up some cream, then stir in chocolate chips or chunks (Wilbur Buds would work great here) and a few pinches of ground cayenne pepper and cinnamon and whisk the mixture to silky perfection. Now you’ve got a decadent, fun twist on churros with this iconic local snack food!

Watch our video and then check out the full recipe to try Philly pretzel churros at home!