Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Dried Beans with Jo Thrasher

What the world needs now is dried beans! We’d bet good money on the fact that somewhere in the recesses of your pantry, there is a bag of black beans, or maybe a fancy heirloom variety of beans, collecting dust. It’s time, once and for all, to learn how to put those babies to good use! Dried beans are much more economical and nutritious than their canned counterparts, and a big cooked batch of beans in the fridge means you’ve got a heart-healthy, fiber-rich ingredient ready to help make a quick meal anytime. Hummus, stew, chili, gumbo and smashed beans on toast are just a few of the delicious things that you can whip up with beans on your side!

This technique/recipe comes to us from Jo Thrasher, a food photographer and blogger, who is also a recipe developer on our team at Dish Works! Based in Chester County, Pennsylvania, Jo brings a creative, modern touch to her work with us, and this easy-to-follow bean recipe, with its fresh aromatics and plenty of olive oil, is a great example of her style! Give it a try and see how magical dried beans can be.

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  • Video: Jo Thrasher