PA Farm Show Pennsylvania Pairings: Lebanon Bologna Wedge Salad Bites with Modern PA Cider

Lebanon bologna is an iconic Pennsylvania food. This semi-dry beef summer sausage is bold and chewy, studded with tiny specks of fat, and kissed with smoke. Because it’s fermented, it’s got a complex funky/sour thing going on that is salty, savory and satisfying. Like many cured meats, Lebanon bologna pairs amazingly well with crisp, dry local modern cider, of which there is no shortage in Pennsylvania (for more on different styles of cider, see here). The acidity of craft cider cuts through the richness of the sausage and refreshes the palate, bite after delicious bite.

This fun, party-ready Lebanon bologna snack idea comes to us from the PA Farm Show! Hearty roasted Brussels sprouts, tomatoes and chunks of crisped Lebanon bologna are drizzled with homemade blue cheese dressing (we love Birchrun Blue from Birchrun Hills Farm). Skewered with toothpicks, these tasty bites are best served with a tall glass of cider!

Check out the video for instructions, and then head here for the full recipe!