How to Make Pennsylvania Apple Streusel Cake

Did you know that Pennsylvania ranks fourth in apple production in the United States? (Fun fact: We’re also fourth in Christmas tree production.) Yes, there are over 2,200 orchards in PA, ranging from large-scale productions to small pick-your-own farms to family-run plots growing heritage apples for craft cider making.

When autumn rolls around and we say goodbye to local sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes, apples are ready to go: Just-picked from the harvest, no matter what variety you pick up at the farmers market, it will be sweet and crisp. We love PA apples all sorts of ways (hello, from-scratch applesauce!), but perhaps best when they’re baked into homey, comforting desserts.

Apple Streusel Cake

Round up some Granny Smith apples, local butter, cream cheese and eggs, and try this easy and delicious apple streusel cake from our friends at Savor Recipes. Great with a cup of coffee or as dessert after a casual autumnal meal, this cake pairs apples with its natural friends, cinnamon, oats and nuts, for a fantastic fall treat. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream for an extra little something!

After checking out the video, head to Savor Recipes for the full recipe!