3 Hacks to Freeze PA Veggies

When spring and summer produce is in season, you’ve got to jump on the bounty of gorgeous locally grown fruits and veggies. Whether that means weekly trips to your community farmers market or signing up for a CSA, the harvest season is like a race against the clock to get you hands on as much as you can!

But what happens when you over do it and end up with more than you can cook? Or, perhaps a neighbor comes by with an awesome haul from the garden but no matter how many salads and salsas you make, you just can’t put a dent in the pile. In these situations, try a simple little life hack, courtesy of our friends at PA Veggies: freeze it up! Produce frozen at its prime actually retains tons of nutrients and flavor, meaning you can capture the goodness of sweet summer corn or juicy bell peppers to enjoy any time. A stash of frozen Pennsylvania produce means that dinner is always just a few minutes away, even when the refrigerator is looking a bit bare! Some produce works better for freezing than others: corn, onions, peppers, peas, berries, broccoli, zucchini and carrots are all good candidates, and won’t become mushy or soggy once defrosted.

So stock up on freezer bags, hit the market, then check out our video for a quick-and-easy method and a few recipe suggestions!